The House

P1020371I love our house. We live in a 1960s home which we have done some work on. Or like Mr. Tee likes to say: we do our thing for 30 years and then someone else starts over.

When we first bought the house we had ideas what we wanted to renovate first. However, the dishwasher not fitting under the kitchen worktop made kitchen our first priority. Over the years we have formed a comfortable duo with the hubby. I have the ideas which my poor husband then gets to translate into real life, always making them better. And I am proud to say that on the latest renovations I even was able to help some. Painting works better to me than powertools.

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Finnish Midsummer

This is the time of the light. Night never comes. In the dusk of midnight it is lovely to sit in the garden and just listen to the still night. It is the time of magic.

In Midsummer Finland shuts down. If your country does not celebrate Midsummer I take it you do not experience the total lightness of the Midsummer and the total darkness of winter solace. Up here in the North Midsummer is a national holiday. On Midsummer (always a Friday nowadays) the groceries close at noon. Almost all groceries and shops stay closed on Saturday also.

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First flowers

It was warm enough last week to finally get my first flowers of 2011 out. Pansies are always my flower of choice for the beginning of the season. They can take even a bit of cold without needing a lot of work since I know I will not keep covering them every night. (Tried one year and I lasted 5 days with the plan…)

If I buy a bigger amount for many boxes I drive to my favorite flower grower’s garden but this time I got just the first hanging version from up town to make our front door entrance more appealing. I chose this variety since I adore multicolored ones.

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Intoxicated by light

This has been an amazing Easter weekend, light and warm. It is the time of the year when I get intoxicated by light. Now if you are not living in Scandinavia, this might not open to you at first. But the fact of life around here is that a part of the year we are virtually in darkness: it is dark when you go to work and again it is dark by the time you get home. That is probably why I adore Xmas so much, the light in the dark. But right now, in the end of April, it is a huge joy to be living here. When the weather stays good, which it did for the whole Easter, light is everywhere and for long hours. Now that we moved to summer time the sun comes up right around 5 am and goes down between 9 and 10 pm! It is now 7.30 pm and I am sitting in my garden enjoying the sun to the fullest.

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Sauna – for the body and the soul

sauna stoveIn my mind one of the most important places in a Finnish house hold is the sauna. This is a room for healing, relaxing and strengthening the body and the soul. For all the history this was the place where the Finns were born and died. In between, many an hour was spent in the warmth of the sauna, sweating and purifying again, both the body and soul. In these modern times, when birth and death are moved to be done inside the walls of hospitals in many cases, what remains are the hours spent in getting cleaner and more relaxed.

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Homing is trendy.. hey! that means I am trendy

Lately many magazines have been quoting as the latest trend homing. That just means that finally I am trendy! I love spending time at home, decorating and just plain relaxing. My favorite past time hobbies are also those easily done at home: reading, watching movies and doing crafts. Go figure :-) So to me this is not a trend, this is my life.

Finding a place to love and call home is magic. We bought the House back in the 90’s when Jr. was just a twinkle in the eye. Ms. Teen was not teen back then. This is our project which we took on with love and enthusiasm. Instead of building new, we are the proud caretakers of a 1960’s home. I always joke that this is our 30 year long project. Once we are done, someone else will come in and start over.

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