Happy thought for June ’12

Life in the summer is wonderful in so many ways. But for sure, food is a major joy and thus my happy thought for this June is one food specifically.

You might be surprised but this post is to sing the praise of: new potatoes.

 Every year we wait anxiously the arrival of these lovely little things. The skin is so thin that when you wash and scrub, the skin comes off. It is some work to wash a kettle full since they truly are really small especially early in the season. But even that plays to their special status. Something truly wonderful should take some effort, right?

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Summer pleasures part 1

Simple summer pleasures is the theme this beginning of July. Due to allergies in the family I have not been able to dry the laundry outside until this week. Ah, the scent of fresh laundry when it has been drying out of doors.. The worlds big companies can spend all the money they wish on softener scenting but they will never beat the real deal. It is a combination of rays of sunshine with the soft mellow scent of the rose bushes and the grass. I spent the whole of the week working through a huge laundry pile but boy was it worth it! This did not feel a chore at all.

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