It could be worse

IMG_0192How do you cope when times get tough? Sometimes, even though we are doing basically ok, the small things can pile up and just take us down. Other times, there really are big things like sickness or financial difficulties that seem to crush us. It can seem that we wish to travel the highway to the west and life seems bent on taking us east. 

I feel very blessed with my life but still… There are times when I am all about anxiety and stress, and all those things that drive my mind round and round in a Circle of worry. There are times when I wish I had an off switch stuck to my head. Something, anything, to stop that track playing the same things over and over. For example: as if I could resolve that work issue at home, in my bed, at night when I should really be sleeping. So at least for the smaller things, here are my tips of coming back from the Circle. 

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