I love Apple Blossoms

P1110307Every year I wait for the apple trees to don their beautiful gowns in May. I hope for a beautiful weather since that will allow me to enjoy the blossoms longer.

This year after a cold start to the spring we have enjoyed a warm week. And suddenly: They are here.

First only a hint of white starts to show between the new leaves. The, as the sun dances around the branches of the trees, the buds start to grow bigger. But still, they are withdrawn, wrapping their petals tight, as if questioning – can we really start blooming now?

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Getting into the light

After a green Xmas we had the winter wonderland in January. And it went on and on. February, March – even topped with a huge blizzard in April of all months! So, I officially think winter has changed its place. Surprisingly this year the light of the spring did not wake me from my winter hibernation, since the snow was all the proof I needed that the winter was still dominant here. So I gave in to my feelings and kept on dozing off, not doing much anything.

But, now, finally here I am! My dear reader I wish to Thank You so much for returning to read my blog even though there has not been much to see lately.

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