Winter wonderland

Xmas 2011 in Southern Finland was pretty dark. Basically it was just raining and keeping too warm for snow to have any chance to stick even though it had a go couple of times. All we got was a white day and a very wet next day. But January finally brought the winter into our neck of the woods and a pretty one at that.

Just a few nights ago I was watching our backyard from a dark house and just loved the way the whole neighborhood was glowing. There is so much snow that the city lights and the blue lights we have hung up all around the gazebo lighted the whole view. Just a month ago at the same time of the night you could not make out anything from the pitch black darkness and now it was as if the whole world was illuminated by magic. Honestly, I live in a fairytale city right now.

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SpringWell, I was just reading my last post and wow, did I get what I wished for. After the post winter truly rocked on. Actually it rocked on such a cold weather that my newly found peace and embracing the winter came to a quick .. halt. Really, how much snow and frost is a gal supposed to be able to embrace?  Well, this one could not take all that was given and I truly fell into a hibernation.

The weird part is, that my relaxed” happy go” life style sort of fell off the map at the same time. It has been a surprise how easy it is to fall back to old habits. But I suppose that is why so many New Year’s resolutions sort of fade away by the time winter is over.

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Will there be snow this Xmas?

Snowy woods in 2009This question is in the heart of my Xmas. It comes every year, even if I try to avoid it the best I can. I try to learn to be a positive, forward looking person but sometimes the doubts just get me. And so what, you might think. Many places in the world go through Xmas year after year and never see snow. But you see, this is at the heart of the dilemma. Those places generally get more sunny days per year than we do, and not only sunnier but warmer too. So what do we get? Even though I am a summer child (as you might have noticed on previous posts) I feel that if the Finns were planted at this northern reach of our globe then at least we should have snow at Xmas. Minimum requirement here.

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