One does not simply

Enjoy life now. Not big news, right? Universe decided to remind me a bit to start this year off. I have not been updating this blog too much lately, I know. But just the idea, knowing it is here, waiting for me to come back – that has been enough. Enough to give me joy during stressful work periods. Enough to feel I have done something I really wanted to do for a long time. I am writing. It might be very seldom but still… I do not need to do it all the time. It is here, just waiting for me – for me to find the time to enjoy. Time which I have not had. For a while now.

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It could be worse

IMG_0192How do you cope when times get tough? Sometimes, even though we are doing basically ok, the small things can pile up and just take us down. Other times, there really are big things like sickness or financial difficulties that seem to crush us. It can seem that we wish to travel the highway to the west and life seems bent on taking us east. 

I feel very blessed with my life but still… There are times when I am all about anxiety and stress, and all those things that drive my mind round and round in a Circle of worry. There are times when I wish I had an off switch stuck to my head. Something, anything, to stop that track playing the same things over and over. For example: as if I could resolve that work issue at home, in my bed, at night when I should really be sleeping. So at least for the smaller things, here are my tips of coming back from the Circle. 

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Happy New Year 2013!

After hibernating away from the blog sphere for some time: Happy New Year!

I have come to admit that I just might be one of those people who really need to remind themselves to notice all the good around us. That was of course the reason for starting this blog in the first place and after testing silence for half a year – that is not for me.

So, my first New Year´s resolution this year is to keep on blogging. And since I am trying to really stick with my resolutions I take advice from the Happiness Project and set myself a more solid goal: minimum 2 posts per month.

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Happy thought for June ’12

Life in the summer is wonderful in so many ways. But for sure, food is a major joy and thus my happy thought for this June is one food specifically.

You might be surprised but this post is to sing the praise of: new potatoes.

 Every year we wait anxiously the arrival of these lovely little things. The skin is so thin that when you wash and scrub, the skin comes off. It is some work to wash a kettle full since they truly are really small especially early in the season. But even that plays to their special status. Something truly wonderful should take some effort, right?

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Lazy Sundays

Lazy Sundays are one of the things that make my summer. Last Sunday was a perfect specimen of that kind. I opened up the gazebo right in the morning. I love sitting in there and admiring the garden. And since this weekend was the apple blossom weekend, that just made the views extra special. 

I think lazy is a wonderful. I believe in rewarding myself with time to just sit, relax and enjoy the summer in the garden. I take my Country Homes and Interiors magazines with me and jump into finding inspirational ideas – both big and small. 

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Let’s make Someday Today!

We were watching the movie Knight and Day last night with Mr. T. I find that movie entertaining since it goes so overboard with the story. Funny, sad at places and packed with action & a romance flick – definitely my kind of movie. But I had forgotten already how the movie ends. And this ending really got me thinking how often we do this – talk about doing things “someday”. What are the things you will do someday?

 Someday is the magical place where we will have time and money and strength to do all things small and big which we have ever thought about doing. Someday the weather will be exactly right for the picnic. Someday the kids will be exactly right age to travel with. Someday it is rainy enough to clean the attic. Someday it is time to relax and not just perform all the time.  Someday the mortgage is paid and we feel free.

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Are you a dreamer?

This is an important question. Dreaming is so wonderful. I love to dream, it is as simple as that. This does not by the way mean that I am unhappy with my life today. I see dreaming as a way to virtually write a story, it opens me up for new possibilities since this is a totally mental exercise. I do not have to worry about possibilities. I can dream also things which at the moment seem quite impossible to bring into reality.

I dream both small and big.  One of my small dreams is to be an accomplished gardener (well, ok: with my skill level this is also a big dream J). Every spring I leaf through tons of gardening magazines and plant brochures. I oh and ah at different pictures, check out the prices, spend time gazing out of the window mentally picturing where I would plant these things. Although the confirmed truth is that I do not have the attention span to dig up something in the fall I just love the looks of dahlias. I did buy some one year (so I do take action on my dreams also!) but they did not make it. What I have found out is that rock garden (ready for hard life) plants love our “all day in the sun” backyard and truly do not expect me to water them daily. And every year I do buy some plants into pots, and each time I am able to keep them going over a month is a joyful moment for me.

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Happy thought for March ’12

You might think I have gone bonkers since I am posting March happiness in May. But – no, I just want to share with you the wonderful things which made my March. My happy thought for March are my family and friends.

In the beginning of the month we went down to Espoo to celebrate my sister’s birthday. As part of the festivities we went bowling, a second in a lifetime for me. And since grandpa used to train bowlers this was a real treat. To have someone there to give you guidance and help meant we were all able to enjoy this wonderful sport to the fullest. We topped the day with my sister cooking us dinner which was really good. So way to go Sis –  you can age any day  and we will be there to celebrate! And do not worry, we gave her a gift card to a spa so that she can relax afterwards. J

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Getting into the light

After a green Xmas we had the winter wonderland in January. And it went on and on. February, March – even topped with a huge blizzard in April of all months! So, I officially think winter has changed its place. Surprisingly this year the light of the spring did not wake me from my winter hibernation, since the snow was all the proof I needed that the winter was still dominant here. So I gave in to my feelings and kept on dozing off, not doing much anything.

But, now, finally here I am! My dear reader I wish to Thank You so much for returning to read my blog even though there has not been much to see lately.

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Happy End of Year!

This December I concentrated more on doing than writing. Now I have a whole punch of new lovely memories to remember Xmas by.

Making crafts, picking the right tree, baking gingerbread cookies, choosing the perfect presents for the family… It has been a different type of Xmas for sure since Ms. Teen is not home this holiday season. However, with the help of the technology it is easier to stay in touch than it used to be. So Thank You Skype for allowing us those precious moments with our gal during this Season.

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