Happy thought for October 2011

This happy thought actually started already in September but since I have been a bit slow in posting my happiness to the world it counts for October now. My happy thought for this October is – College Football! Go Bucks!

I really really love watching American Football. Since we have ESPN America on our cable I cannot get enough of the gamedays. In order to keep family life going I cannot use all of my Saturdays and Sundays in front of the TV watching football, so I tape the games and watch them at intervals during the week. This gives me the possibility to skip slow parts faster and catch some well deserved rest after a hard workday.

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Happy Vappu!

Happy Vappu! Or in more common term world wide: Happy May 1st!

Vappu is an important Finnish tradition since it is one of the few festivities where the whole nation is participating in more or less carnival style. Well, at least we are all decorating with streamers and balloons, people are partying and life just seems good. The dancing cannot be compared to any carnival with formal parades but hey: at least we are moving. :-)

Vappu festivities start on April 30th and continue on May 1st. The spring is here and we can hang our hair down and just soak in the joyful moment. If you go into any of the major cities you can see the Finns letting the spring seep into their behavior, producing a relaxed, fun if somewhat loud party spirit in the city centers. Although I have to admit that for many the beverages pay a key role in the festivities..

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The Boss meets the Golden Girls under the Twilight

Now, picture this: Sicily 1929… Sorry, kidding. I was going to say: to start with I have to confess that I have been warned against writing this post. According to Mr. Tee this just might scare off all the few readers I have been able to gather so far. I, on the other hand, believe that this is the perfect point to let you in on my taste in entertainment. Since this is the early days for my blog at least I am not destroying a huge reader base. So, on that introduction, here we go: basics of Mrs. Tee world of entertainment.

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