After record breaking temperatures this summer I was not looking forward to the darker and colder times. But then I finally remembered which part of the fall I do enjoy. It had been so hot all summer that building a fire in the fireplace was not the first or even 10th thing on anyone’s mind. Now couple of weeks back the temperature dropped really for a week, several days were under 10 °C.

 I realized it was time to start enjoying the fireplace. We are fortunate to have two fireplaces in the House. In Finland many new houses nowadays have fireplaces that retain the heat in the fireplace and radiate it over a longer period of time. Our fireplaces are open fireplaces. So lovely fires but no radiating the heat later.. One of them is in our living room and the other in the fireplace room. The heat is lovely as long as the fire keeps going. So there I was, sitting on our living room floor,  just watching the fire dance away. I felt so calm and happy sitting there with my family.

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