Let’s make Someday Today!

We were watching the movie Knight and Day last night with Mr. T. I find that movie entertaining since it goes so overboard with the story. Funny, sad at places and packed with action & a romance flick – definitely my kind of movie. But I had forgotten already how the movie ends. And this ending really got me thinking how often we do this – talk about doing things “someday”. What are the things you will do someday?

 Someday is the magical place where we will have time and money and strength to do all things small and big which we have ever thought about doing. Someday the weather will be exactly right for the picnic. Someday the kids will be exactly right age to travel with. Someday it is rainy enough to clean the attic. Someday it is time to relax and not just perform all the time.  Someday the mortgage is paid and we feel free.

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Xmas magazines – here we go!

Okay, you know what is the best way to get into Xmas mood? Reading Xmas magazines of course! My mom came by today and dropped off our first Xmas magazine of the year. Yes! This is the beginning of a wonderful reading experience. I look and uh and ah every picture. Some more than others, I can admit that. I look at all the things I could make. If only I had the time, all the materials and… and…

All those lovely wreaths, decorations, the lovely houses, all that snow.. And that is the thing – the snow looks so lovely on the page of a magazine but I just wish it could stay looking so wonderful without needing the cold temperature to go with it.

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What to collect for the baby?

When Ms. Teen was born, I wanted to start a collection of figurines for her. Now that I have been writing this blog I totally understand how that came about. As we have discovered, I am a collector at heart. Just never fully realized it before.

There are nowadays ample opportunity to start collecting all kinds of figurines via the internet. But back in the day that was not the case. So, I was looking at Finnish opportunities and found Aarikka. Aarikka is a Finnish company making all kinds of lovely things out of wood. Since Ms. Teen is born in the end of the year, angels very naturally became the theme for this collection. So, each year, in the weeks before Xmas Ms. Teen would receive her angel of the year. Again, now, this seems as an obvious choice. Of course, collecting and Xmas.

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