Happy thought for August 2011

My happy thought for August is: our children.

Of course they are one of the basis of my happiness all year long but this thought was almost too obvious to make a post.  So I decided to bring it to the center of attention for this August.

We have been blessed with two wonderful kids, now going on teen. It seems only yesterday when they were running around the house and not reaching very high off the ground. This summer I have come to the realization that even Jr. is now my height; he is really looking forward to the day he will outgrow me. Hah! Like that would make him any less my baby, of course not.

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Happy thought for July 2011

My happy thought for July is: charity gifts.

I wish we did not have problems in this world but since the world is not perfect yet, then I choose to view it as a possibility. We can all help to make the situation get a little bit better. And it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to participate either. Great if you can give a lot, great if you can give a little – every sent and penny helps.

Charity gifts are wonderful because starting from a very low amount of money you can help and give someone a wonderful gift at the same time. Also I like them since with a charity gift you can choose what the money goes for. Internet is a wonderful way to find out a charity you are ready to endorse. Many charities nowadays give you a choice: you can buy a product or send a non-product gift. I love the non-product gifts since let’s face it, there is a lot of stuff floating around in our house at least :-)

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Happy Rainy Days

Last Saturday I woke up to very dark sky and little rain showers dotting the morning. Instead of being sorry, I was… well, happy. I got downstairs and Jr. was just taking it easy on the sofa. He turns to me, his face lighting with the fullest smile ever. “Isn’t it so great that today is a rainy day?” In that moment I felt I had done a good job as a mother.

 In this world going nuts with speed and people being in constant hurry the best thing I can teach my kids is to take it easy. And Jr. sure did, having a pajama day all day last Saturday. And boy was he content and happy just chilling.

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Palm Sunday

As is proper with a blog taking inspiration from Xmas inspired joyful feelings, I truly love traditions. In our household anything can become “we have always done this” after just one go. If not traditionalized by me then Jr. or Ms. Teen can always be counted on to remember even miniscule things as “always been, always will be”. To this effect I was so joyful this Palm Sunday when we had the biggest number of kids coming around to “virpomaan” in recent years. Last year we had so few come around I was worried this tradition is not going to last.

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What to collect for the baby?

When Ms. Teen was born, I wanted to start a collection of figurines for her. Now that I have been writing this blog I totally understand how that came about. As we have discovered, I am a collector at heart. Just never fully realized it before.

There are nowadays ample opportunity to start collecting all kinds of figurines via the internet. But back in the day that was not the case. So, I was looking at Finnish opportunities and found Aarikka. Aarikka is a Finnish company making all kinds of lovely things out of wood. Since Ms. Teen is born in the end of the year, angels very naturally became the theme for this collection. So, each year, in the weeks before Xmas Ms. Teen would receive her angel of the year. Again, now, this seems as an obvious choice. Of course, collecting and Xmas.

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