Happy thought for March ’12

You might think I have gone bonkers since I am posting March happiness in May. But – no, I just want to share with you the wonderful things which made my March. My happy thought for March are my family and friends.

In the beginning of the month we went down to Espoo to celebrate my sister’s birthday. As part of the festivities we went bowling, a second in a lifetime for me. And since grandpa used to train bowlers this was a real treat. To have someone there to give you guidance and help meant we were all able to enjoy this wonderful sport to the fullest. We topped the day with my sister cooking us dinner which was really good. So way to go Sis –  you can age any day  and we will be there to celebrate! And do not worry, we gave her a gift card to a spa so that she can relax afterwards. J

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Charity of the month

This November I renewed my subscription for a magazine supporting the handicapped. The organization is targeting young children and making sure they have enough support personnel when the kids with special needs go to school. That felt like a very good cause to keep supporting. How did you help this month?

 “What do I wish for Xmas? Enough helping hands for each and every kid who needs them.”

Charity of the month

This October our charity of the month went to animals.

The local Junior High participates each year in the Operation Day Work charity event. The kids can choose from getting a place to work for themselves or attending a school day. Many parents employ their children with household light work and so did we also this year. Jr. spent the day in our garden taking care of the mountain of leaves trying to take over our garden.

The Operation Work Day is a long standing tradition in Finland. This charity idea first started in Sweden, early 1960’s, in honor of Dag Hammaskjöld as Swedish students wanted to honor his work for peace and for the international community. Soon the charity came to Finland also. Ever since the mid 90’s the Operation Word Day has been an annual happening in most of Finnish schools. The minimum required payment is just EUR 10.

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Happy thought for July 2011

My happy thought for July is: charity gifts.

I wish we did not have problems in this world but since the world is not perfect yet, then I choose to view it as a possibility. We can all help to make the situation get a little bit better. And it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to participate either. Great if you can give a lot, great if you can give a little – every sent and penny helps.

Charity gifts are wonderful because starting from a very low amount of money you can help and give someone a wonderful gift at the same time. Also I like them since with a charity gift you can choose what the money goes for. Internet is a wonderful way to find out a charity you are ready to endorse. Many charities nowadays give you a choice: you can buy a product or send a non-product gift. I love the non-product gifts since let’s face it, there is a lot of stuff floating around in our house at least :-)

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Let’s help

Sea of HopeOne of the best part of Xmas spirit in my mind is caring. Caring by helping those who are less fortunate than we are. This feeling of helping and reaching out to our fellow men is a spirit I hope stays alive all year long, not just a few weeks in December.

 Right now there are so many regions in the world where people have been hit by hard times. Japan, New Zealand, Africa, Haiti, Chile.. And I am sure there are people even more near each and every one of us in need of help. If you have time to volunteer in an organization I think that is a wonderful thing. However, even those of us who don’t seem to find the time to do that can help: by donating regularly to an organization which has the tenacity to keep on helping even when the media and our attention moves to the next event.

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