Happy thought for October 2011

This happy thought actually started already in September but since I have been a bit slow in posting my happiness to the world it counts for October now. My happy thought for this October is – College Football! Go Bucks!

I really really love watching American Football. Since we have ESPN America on our cable I cannot get enough of the gamedays. In order to keep family life going I cannot use all of my Saturdays and Sundays in front of the TV watching football, so I tape the games and watch them at intervals during the week. This gives me the possibility to skip slow parts faster and catch some well deserved rest after a hard workday.

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Next week will mark the First Anniversary of this blog. Hard to believe a full year has passed since I took up this idea of keeping the Spirit of Xmas with me all year long by writing about things that make my day.

I did what I usually do, dove in with enthusiasm, reading blogs on how to build up a blog, retrieving pointers from the web like a golden retriever. I only had the wish to keep myself concentrated on finding happiness in my everyday life. How to turn that into a blog has been a learning process which will continue for years to come I hope.  

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Happy thought for August 2011

My happy thought for August is: our children.

Of course they are one of the basis of my happiness all year long but this thought was almost too obvious to make a post.  So I decided to bring it to the center of attention for this August.

We have been blessed with two wonderful kids, now going on teen. It seems only yesterday when they were running around the house and not reaching very high off the ground. This summer I have come to the realization that even Jr. is now my height; he is really looking forward to the day he will outgrow me. Hah! Like that would make him any less my baby, of course not.

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Happy thought for July 2011

My happy thought for July is: charity gifts.

I wish we did not have problems in this world but since the world is not perfect yet, then I choose to view it as a possibility. We can all help to make the situation get a little bit better. And it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to participate either. Great if you can give a lot, great if you can give a little – every sent and penny helps.

Charity gifts are wonderful because starting from a very low amount of money you can help and give someone a wonderful gift at the same time. Also I like them since with a charity gift you can choose what the money goes for. Internet is a wonderful way to find out a charity you are ready to endorse. Many charities nowadays give you a choice: you can buy a product or send a non-product gift. I love the non-product gifts since let’s face it, there is a lot of stuff floating around in our house at least :-)

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Summer pleasures part 1

Simple summer pleasures is the theme this beginning of July. Due to allergies in the family I have not been able to dry the laundry outside until this week. Ah, the scent of fresh laundry when it has been drying out of doors.. The worlds big companies can spend all the money they wish on softener scenting but they will never beat the real deal. It is a combination of rays of sunshine with the soft mellow scent of the rose bushes and the grass. I spent the whole of the week working through a huge laundry pile but boy was it worth it! This did not feel a chore at all.

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Finnish Midsummer

This is the time of the light. Night never comes. In the dusk of midnight it is lovely to sit in the garden and just listen to the still night. It is the time of magic.

In Midsummer Finland shuts down. If your country does not celebrate Midsummer I take it you do not experience the total lightness of the Midsummer and the total darkness of winter solace. Up here in the North Midsummer is a national holiday. On Midsummer (always a Friday nowadays) the groceries close at noon. Almost all groceries and shops stay closed on Saturday also.

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Midsummer weather

Weather is always a good subject to talk about. Safe, neutral, everyone can say something. Small talk savior if you get stuck, right? Well, in my view it is twice a year a serious business. First and foremost: “will there be snow on Xmas?” and secondly “what is the weather going to be like on Midsummer?”

Since Midsummer is tomorrow, I am going to concentrate on the second one. For weeks now the tabloids have had headlines predicting Midsummer weather: “Check the weather at your Midsummer location”, “Will it shine or rain on Midsummer”. Poor meteorologists are on TV every day several times a day trying to tell the nation of 5 million people how this Midsummer will turn out to be.

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Goodbye Big Man

Dear Clarence,

Sometimes the happiness and joy is joined by sorrow. Today is one of those days. Your music has brought so much joy to so many and today we feel utterly sad to hear you have passed on. It is always hard to let go, one always wishes for a little more time, for a few more songs.

I Thank You for all you have given to me and to the world. Since this is what makes our human race so great: our capacity to touch each other through words, pictures and sounds and our capability to record those same impressions for future generations to enjoy. So I take solace in the fact that even though you are on your way beyond the stars, we will always have your music.

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My new friend Bella

As a kid I used to bike as soon as the weather would permit for as long as it was possible till winter came. Back then if I had to get to a hobby I either biked or walked. Which was quite ok, since the getting to the gymnastics practice was part of building a better physic also. Nowadays my kids bike to hobbies but especially during winter we take them when possible, which at some point makes the week feel like a constant battle to remember which time I need to be available each day.

 I did not own a car when we had Ms. Teen. When I went to work I would first bike to the opposite direction with Ms. Teen (who of course back then was not teen yet) and both our bags. After dropping her off I would ride my bike to my office. When we had Jr., I said enough is enough. There is no way I will transport the three of us AND our bags on a bike. So we bought me my first own car. It was a red Suzuki Alto which served me well until I put my foot down hard up the road from our house and the Alto said “screech” and then never said anything anymore. I then upgraded to a Nissan Micra (black) then was handed down our Ford Escort STW (white) which I drove until the guy helping to batch it up each year asked Mr. Tee not to bring it by anymore. So I now have my most expensive car to date, a used Peugeot 106 (red). With the parade of all the cars ended my biking days. I was surprised to realize that 10 years had gone by without me riding a bike.

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Cottage life in Finland

Dear Reader.

It has been the hottest beginning of June since… well, forever I think. Finland is basking in the sun and the temperature in my hometown is a lofty 27 C today evening. And it is 7.30 pm. The sun is shining still into our garden and life is just about as jolly as it can get.

Ms. Teen left for cottage with grandma and grandpa this morning and I have to say a lakeside haven is just what the doctor ordered. But since it is still two weeks before my summer holiday starts no such luck for me.

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