Happy thought for March ’12

You might think I have gone bonkers since I am posting March happiness in May. But – no, I just want to share with you the wonderful things which made my March. My happy thought for March are my family and friends.

In the beginning of the month we went down to Espoo to celebrate my sister’s birthday. As part of the festivities we went bowling, a second in a lifetime for me. And since grandpa used to train bowlers this was a real treat. To have someone there to give you guidance and help meant we were all able to enjoy this wonderful sport to the fullest. We topped the day with my sister cooking us dinner which was really good. So way to go Sis –  you can age any day  and we will be there to celebrate! And do not worry, we gave her a gift card to a spa so that she can relax afterwards. J

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Happy thought for May ’12

It seems the trees are working so hard to push out the first centimeters of the new leaves. Hooray they again made it happen!

Some people use their summer trying to get rid off any moss inflicting their perfect grass yard. I welcome ours since it is just so super: wonderful looking in the beginning of spring when grass is still getting started. Also super super soft under foot, very useful in crafts. All in all – I love moss.

I planted a small start of the vinca minor years ago in my rock garden. The full all day sunlight and no rivals has meant that this small plant is running the show. The lovely flowers are truly splendid and show that size is not the only thing that matters!

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Getting into the light

After a green Xmas we had the winter wonderland in January. And it went on and on. February, March – even topped with a huge blizzard in April of all months! So, I officially think winter has changed its place. Surprisingly this year the light of the spring did not wake me from my winter hibernation, since the snow was all the proof I needed that the winter was still dominant here. So I gave in to my feelings and kept on dozing off, not doing much anything.

But, now, finally here I am! My dear reader I wish to Thank You so much for returning to read my blog even though there has not been much to see lately.

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Winter wonderland

Xmas 2011 in Southern Finland was pretty dark. Basically it was just raining and keeping too warm for snow to have any chance to stick even though it had a go couple of times. All we got was a white day and a very wet next day. But January finally brought the winter into our neck of the woods and a pretty one at that.

Just a few nights ago I was watching our backyard from a dark house and just loved the way the whole neighborhood was glowing. There is so much snow that the city lights and the blue lights we have hung up all around the gazebo lighted the whole view. Just a month ago at the same time of the night you could not make out anything from the pitch black darkness and now it was as if the whole world was illuminated by magic. Honestly, I live in a fairytale city right now.

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Happy End of Year!

This December I concentrated more on doing than writing. Now I have a whole punch of new lovely memories to remember Xmas by.

Making crafts, picking the right tree, baking gingerbread cookies, choosing the perfect presents for the family… It has been a different type of Xmas for sure since Ms. Teen is not home this holiday season. However, with the help of the technology it is easier to stay in touch than it used to be. So Thank You Skype for allowing us those precious moments with our gal during this Season.

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Charity of the month

This November I renewed my subscription for a magazine supporting the handicapped. The organization is targeting young children and making sure they have enough support personnel when the kids with special needs go to school. That felt like a very good cause to keep supporting. How did you help this month?

 “What do I wish for Xmas? Enough helping hands for each and every kid who needs them.”

Happy thought for November

I have a confession to make. I really had a hard time going for my happy thought after a very difficult month. I have been working a lot and it has taken a toll on my state of happiness. But then I realized I better own this feeling and quite truthfully: my happy thought for November is that it is finally behind us.

And that got me thinking. Is that really it? How sad. Poor November. It is the month that stands before Xmas, so sort of the one we must get through to get to the good stuff. Right? And this year has given us a very warm and rainy November which is sort of nice – but not. The thing is: it is supposed to be dry and white and a winter wonderland. But it is windy, rainy, dark. So it is almost like November could not win this year!

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Charity of the month

This October our charity of the month went to animals.

The local Junior High participates each year in the Operation Day Work charity event. The kids can choose from getting a place to work for themselves or attending a school day. Many parents employ their children with household light work and so did we also this year. Jr. spent the day in our garden taking care of the mountain of leaves trying to take over our garden.

The Operation Work Day is a long standing tradition in Finland. This charity idea first started in Sweden, early 1960’s, in honor of Dag Hammaskjöld as Swedish students wanted to honor his work for peace and for the international community. Soon the charity came to Finland also. Ever since the mid 90’s the Operation Word Day has been an annual happening in most of Finnish schools. The minimum required payment is just EUR 10.

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Xmas magazines – here we go!

Okay, you know what is the best way to get into Xmas mood? Reading Xmas magazines of course! My mom came by today and dropped off our first Xmas magazine of the year. Yes! This is the beginning of a wonderful reading experience. I look and uh and ah every picture. Some more than others, I can admit that. I look at all the things I could make. If only I had the time, all the materials and… and…

All those lovely wreaths, decorations, the lovely houses, all that snow.. And that is the thing – the snow looks so lovely on the page of a magazine but I just wish it could stay looking so wonderful without needing the cold temperature to go with it.

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Fall falls over me

Now, for a lady fully confessed as a summer lover, I am having a mysterious connection to Fall.

It is totally different than my full hearted infatuation with summer. This is something totally different. There is no “oh, I wish I could get out of the door faster to enjoy the warmth”. There is no “oh, that rain really brought a wonderful fresh smell”. No, there is “I wish I can get to my car fast enough to avoid as much of this storm as possible”. There is “I cannot believe I have to scrape the windows off my car already today”. But there is also “oh, those trees look absolutely amazing in the sunshine, super yellow!”.

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