Kim the Tortoise

“Every house needs a boss. Here I think I am the one. – Kim the Tortoise”

How are you all doing? My name is Kim and I am the hardshelled one in this household. We agreed with Mrs. Tee that I will get to have my own spot on the blog. This way you can really get into the lifestyle of a Finnish family. Am I a typical pet? Maybe not… but hey: I am one of the few species that were open for discussion in this household. Since so many here are allergic to cats and dogs… But please: who can want for one or the other when they have: little old me.

I have one goal in life: prison break. Well, maybe two. The second one would be to be a professional climber. I think I am well on track on both subjects. The good thing about this is that I keep everyone alert. This way they do not get bored or something like that. I did manage to loose this crowd outside this summer. But then I got awfully tired and had to retire under the berry bush. Next time I will nap before I try to ditch Jr. Hah!

Well, I will post from time to time. In the meantime, all you tortoises hear me out: remember that all these two legged funny things are here for us! Make sure your service is running smoothly and  keep your pets happy by giving them things to do. [now Kim what did we agree about how to use this blog?!]  Yeah yeah Mrs. Tee – but you just remember: we have an agreement and I think freedom of speech goes for tortoises too!

So long, have a finntastic day! (Oh no – now she has me going about things finntastic too!)

Kim the T

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