The country of thousand lakes

Our nation of ca. 5.300.000 inhabitants is situation between Sweden and Russia in Northern Europe.  Each and every one of us enjoys space: officially we have 15.7 persons per km2 (40.2 persons per square mile). However, since so many of us choose to live in the greater Helsinki area, trust me: in many places you are able to enjoy a far lower number of nextdoor neighbours in a shouting distance. If you are one of the less fortune ones when it comes to space … well, you can always hop on a bus and track to the countryside. And at last.. alone again!

We have two official languages: Finnish and Swedish. Sámi is the mother tongue for some of us living in Lapland. Sometimes this language thing can get a bit sensitive

We are the home of Santa Claus. Yes, you can truly come to Lapland and meet him! Why did you think I have this thing for Xmas? All those Christmas Eve’s in my childhood when he came to greet us have done their job…

As a nation, we are passionate on a number of things. Eventhough we are quite few in numbers, that does not mean that we do not expect the best of the best from our own.  You can find us in rally, F1, track & field events and of course: winter sports.

In addition to sports we do take an interest in culture also. Conductors like Esa-Pekka Salonen, opera singers like Karita Mattila, composer Kaija Saarikoski, writer Sofi Oksanen  are but a few examples of this. 

But that is not all. Did you know that Nokia is a Finn.  Yep, I am not pulling your leg. Also we are know for our forest industry, lifts etc.

Here you can find more about us:  thisisFINLAND.


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