Ebooks are okay – suprise!

WP_20140507_002I have loved reading from the moment those letters started suddenly making sense when I was little. Reading about Donald Duck was so much fun! I went on to graduate from Donald to all romance, historical, crime. I was a regular in our library going through author after author. Later on I came to realize I absolutely love fantasy. I have always believed in owning a book. I love the fact that I know it is in my bookshelf, to be ready to be opened any time I wish.

My first book written in English was Little House on the Prairie. It felt so difficult but after spending a year in Ohio, I now love reading in English. Only problem is that when I read in English especially, I do not hear nor understand Finnish. Okay, okay – I do not hear anything when I read in Finnish either.

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One does not simply

Enjoy life now. Not big news, right? Universe decided to remind me a bit to start this year off. I have not been updating this blog too much lately, I know. But just the idea, knowing it is here, waiting for me to come back – that has been enough. Enough to give me joy during stressful work periods. Enough to feel I have done something I really wanted to do for a long time. I am writing. It might be very seldom but still… I do not need to do it all the time. It is here, just waiting for me – for me to find the time to enjoy. Time which I have not had. For a while now.

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It could be worse

IMG_0192How do you cope when times get tough? Sometimes, even though we are doing basically ok, the small things can pile up and just take us down. Other times, there really are big things like sickness or financial difficulties that seem to crush us. It can seem that we wish to travel the highway to the west and life seems bent on taking us east. 

I feel very blessed with my life but still… There are times when I am all about anxiety and stress, and all those things that drive my mind round and round in a Circle of worry. There are times when I wish I had an off switch stuck to my head. Something, anything, to stop that track playing the same things over and over. For example: as if I could resolve that work issue at home, in my bed, at night when I should really be sleeping. So at least for the smaller things, here are my tips of coming back from the Circle. 

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Happy thought for March ’12

You might think I have gone bonkers since I am posting March happiness in May. But – no, I just want to share with you the wonderful things which made my March. My happy thought for March are my family and friends.

In the beginning of the month we went down to Espoo to celebrate my sister’s birthday. As part of the festivities we went bowling, a second in a lifetime for me. And since grandpa used to train bowlers this was a real treat. To have someone there to give you guidance and help meant we were all able to enjoy this wonderful sport to the fullest. We topped the day with my sister cooking us dinner which was really good. So way to go Sis –  you can age any day  and we will be there to celebrate! And do not worry, we gave her a gift card to a spa so that she can relax afterwards. J

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Happy thought for May ’12

It seems the trees are working so hard to push out the first centimeters of the new leaves. Hooray they again made it happen!

Some people use their summer trying to get rid off any moss inflicting their perfect grass yard. I welcome ours since it is just so super: wonderful looking in the beginning of spring when grass is still getting started. Also super super soft under foot, very useful in crafts. All in all – I love moss.

I planted a small start of the vinca minor years ago in my rock garden. The full all day sunlight and no rivals has meant that this small plant is running the show. The lovely flowers are truly splendid and show that size is not the only thing that matters!

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Winter wonderland

Xmas 2011 in Southern Finland was pretty dark. Basically it was just raining and keeping too warm for snow to have any chance to stick even though it had a go couple of times. All we got was a white day and a very wet next day. But January finally brought the winter into our neck of the woods and a pretty one at that.

Just a few nights ago I was watching our backyard from a dark house and just loved the way the whole neighborhood was glowing. There is so much snow that the city lights and the blue lights we have hung up all around the gazebo lighted the whole view. Just a month ago at the same time of the night you could not make out anything from the pitch black darkness and now it was as if the whole world was illuminated by magic. Honestly, I live in a fairytale city right now.

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Happy thought for November

I have a confession to make. I really had a hard time going for my happy thought after a very difficult month. I have been working a lot and it has taken a toll on my state of happiness. But then I realized I better own this feeling and quite truthfully: my happy thought for November is that it is finally behind us.

And that got me thinking. Is that really it? How sad. Poor November. It is the month that stands before Xmas, so sort of the one we must get through to get to the good stuff. Right? And this year has given us a very warm and rainy November which is sort of nice – but not. The thing is: it is supposed to be dry and white and a winter wonderland. But it is windy, rainy, dark. So it is almost like November could not win this year!

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Next week will mark the First Anniversary of this blog. Hard to believe a full year has passed since I took up this idea of keeping the Spirit of Xmas with me all year long by writing about things that make my day.

I did what I usually do, dove in with enthusiasm, reading blogs on how to build up a blog, retrieving pointers from the web like a golden retriever. I only had the wish to keep myself concentrated on finding happiness in my everyday life. How to turn that into a blog has been a learning process which will continue for years to come I hope.  

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Happy thought for July 2011

My happy thought for July is: charity gifts.

I wish we did not have problems in this world but since the world is not perfect yet, then I choose to view it as a possibility. We can all help to make the situation get a little bit better. And it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to participate either. Great if you can give a lot, great if you can give a little – every sent and penny helps.

Charity gifts are wonderful because starting from a very low amount of money you can help and give someone a wonderful gift at the same time. Also I like them since with a charity gift you can choose what the money goes for. Internet is a wonderful way to find out a charity you are ready to endorse. Many charities nowadays give you a choice: you can buy a product or send a non-product gift. I love the non-product gifts since let’s face it, there is a lot of stuff floating around in our house at least :-)

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Summer pleasures part 1

Simple summer pleasures is the theme this beginning of July. Due to allergies in the family I have not been able to dry the laundry outside until this week. Ah, the scent of fresh laundry when it has been drying out of doors.. The worlds big companies can spend all the money they wish on softener scenting but they will never beat the real deal. It is a combination of rays of sunshine with the soft mellow scent of the rose bushes and the grass. I spent the whole of the week working through a huge laundry pile but boy was it worth it! This did not feel a chore at all.

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