The House

P1020371I love our house. We live in a 1960s home which we have done some work on. Or like Mr. Tee likes to say: we do our thing for 30 years and then someone else starts over.

When we first bought the house we had ideas what we wanted to renovate first. However, the dishwasher not fitting under the kitchen worktop made kitchen our first priority. Over the years we have formed a comfortable duo with the hubby. I have the ideas which my poor husband then gets to translate into real life, always making them better. And I am proud to say that on the latest renovations I even was able to help some. Painting works better to me than powertools.

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Homing is trendy.. hey! that means I am trendy

Lately many magazines have been quoting as the latest trend homing. That just means that finally I am trendy! I love spending time at home, decorating and just plain relaxing. My favorite past time hobbies are also those easily done at home: reading, watching movies and doing crafts. Go figure :-) So to me this is not a trend, this is my life.

Finding a place to love and call home is magic. We bought the House back in the 90’s when Jr. was just a twinkle in the eye. Ms. Teen was not teen back then. This is our project which we took on with love and enthusiasm. Instead of building new, we are the proud caretakers of a 1960’s home. I always joke that this is our 30 year long project. Once we are done, someone else will come in and start over.

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