Are you a dreamer?

This is an important question. Dreaming is so wonderful. I love to dream, it is as simple as that. This does not by the way mean that I am unhappy with my life today. I see dreaming as a way to virtually write a story, it opens me up for new possibilities since this is a totally mental exercise. I do not have to worry about possibilities. I can dream also things which at the moment seem quite impossible to bring into reality.

I dream both small and big.  One of my small dreams is to be an accomplished gardener (well, ok: with my skill level this is also a big dream J). Every spring I leaf through tons of gardening magazines and plant brochures. I oh and ah at different pictures, check out the prices, spend time gazing out of the window mentally picturing where I would plant these things. Although the confirmed truth is that I do not have the attention span to dig up something in the fall I just love the looks of dahlias. I did buy some one year (so I do take action on my dreams also!) but they did not make it. What I have found out is that rock garden (ready for hard life) plants love our “all day in the sun” backyard and truly do not expect me to water them daily. And every year I do buy some plants into pots, and each time I am able to keep them going over a month is a joyful moment for me.

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Happy thought for August 2011

My happy thought for August is: our children.

Of course they are one of the basis of my happiness all year long but this thought was almost too obvious to make a post.  So I decided to bring it to the center of attention for this August.

We have been blessed with two wonderful kids, now going on teen. It seems only yesterday when they were running around the house and not reaching very high off the ground. This summer I have come to the realization that even Jr. is now my height; he is really looking forward to the day he will outgrow me. Hah! Like that would make him any less my baby, of course not.

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