Let’s make Someday Today!

We were watching the movie Knight and Day last night with Mr. T. I find that movie entertaining since it goes so overboard with the story. Funny, sad at places and packed with action & a romance flick – definitely my kind of movie. But I had forgotten already how the movie ends. And this ending really got me thinking how often we do this – talk about doing things “someday”. What are the things you will do someday?

 Someday is the magical place where we will have time and money and strength to do all things small and big which we have ever thought about doing. Someday the weather will be exactly right for the picnic. Someday the kids will be exactly right age to travel with. Someday it is rainy enough to clean the attic. Someday it is time to relax and not just perform all the time.  Someday the mortgage is paid and we feel free.

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Time to renew and review

Have you ever noticed how funny it is to be guided by calendar. I mean really! I love Xmas (I suppose that is a given by now) but here in North it is a part of the dark cold. It is the lovely light into the void and ushers us toward the New Year. And behold, as soon as the calendar turns and shouts out for the new year, all changes. The tiredness, feeling of coming to a close magically transforms to the total opposite. It is the time for everything to start again. Talk about a global mega mind churning and finding a new gear for the collective psyche.

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