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AvatarHi there!

Tervetuloa! You are most welcome to read my blog.

I am Minna Tee.  I am a 40-something, happily married, a mom of two and a Finn. My family includes Mr. Tee, Ms. Tee the teenager and Jr. And last but least, Kim the Tortoise.

I truly love Xmas time: the sights – sounds – smells of it. I write this blog to keep tap on all the happy thoughts and blessings I have in my life. My inspiration for this came from my happy place: the Spirit of Xmas. Will all posts be about Xmas? No, but they are inspired by the warm and fuzzy feeling I love about Xmas.  I will try to show you the connection the best I can :-)

To sum up:

* feeling happy, especially with anything connected to Xmas

* sharing joyful moments with family and friends

* planning and preparing for giving gifts

* generally enjoying life to the fullest

Oh, and since I am a proud Finn, you will likely learn about my lovely country Finland and the people of this North European haven.

Feel free to comment and share your feelings / ideas etc. The more the merrier!

Minna Tee

p.s. As a proud mom I of course have to note that my Avatar was done my darling, Ms. Tee!

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