Ebooks are okay – suprise!

WP_20140507_002I have loved reading from the moment those letters started suddenly making sense when I was little. Reading about Donald Duck was so much fun! I went on to graduate from Donald to all romance, historical, crime. I was a regular in our library going through author after author. Later on I came to realize I absolutely love fantasy. I have always believed in owning a book. I love the fact that I know it is in my bookshelf, to be ready to be opened any time I wish.

My first book written in English was Little House on the Prairie. It felt so difficult but after spending a year in Ohio, I now love reading in English. Only problem is that when I read in English especially, I do not hear nor understand Finnish. Okay, okay – I do not hear anything when I read in Finnish either.

One Xmas I found my Xmas presents Mom had been hiding. Yep – nothing could keep me from reading the book in the walk in closet. Man, I felt so guilty on Xmas Night. But, I was okay for reading the book again. Ruining a Xmas surprise was no fun. I still love getting books for Xmas. In order to keep the surprise I give my family several options I am looking forward to.

So, for me a book was always to be held in hand; leafed through while traveling into the world it held. Until – there just is not enough room for all the books I wish to have (considering I love collecting things – this is no surprise). I have not wanted to dive into the world of ebooks before but finally this year I leaped in. And to my surprise I just love it!

Since world is spinning faster and faster nowadays, I just love the fact that the delivery is instant. NO waiting for the mail to arrive before starting the story. I use Kindle on my Vivobook, which is small enough to hold when reading. You can find great deals for books, even for free from many authors. This way I have been able to discover new authors I probably would not have met otherwise. And my digital library does not crowd my bookcases.

I still buy my favorite series as books. Sometimes I also buy books I found as ebooks as gifts. Just like internet opened the world, ebooks open even more imaginary worlds to me.

What’s not to like?

“What do I wish for Xmas? You got it – books, books and books. May we never lose people making up new realities!”

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