One does not simply

Enjoy life now. Not big news, right? Universe decided to remind me a bit to start this year off. I have not been updating this blog too much lately, I know. But just the idea, knowing it is here, waiting for me to come back – that has been enough. Enough to give me joy during stressful work periods. Enough to feel I have done something I really wanted to do for a long time. I am writing. It might be very seldom but still… I do not need to do it all the time. It is here, just waiting for me – for me to find the time to enjoy. Time which I have not had. For a while now.

Then came the day I was ready. Ready to take a look at this site, to enjoy all the work I put into the appearance, the plug-ins, the widgets etc. etc. The site was running nice, looking just like I left it. I logged into the admin side and… Nothing. Nada. Blank pages. Not much I could do with blank pages. Yup. The writing was on the wall – not. Hah!

Back when I started blogging I decided I wanted to use WordPress and really build my own site. I understood problems could arise and it would be a good thing to understand a bit about the technical issues. But hey – I had my site backup log coming to me every week, so I was safe. Right? Wrong.  After googling and reading several posts on support forums I understood (or so I thought) that it would be best to just reload my program and then try to get my stuff from the backup. Stuff – the posts etc. There was a lot of talk about folders etc. but it was weekend. NO way was I going to spend my time trying to figure this out. So: “Be gone” I said to the problem and overrode everything with new versions.

Then back to the support pages. Uploading the data from my support files: found good instructions, set to work. All good but… Not. I could see my data, it was just not loading to the blog. Eventually I was so frustrated I contacted my hosting service chat help. Not actually expecting any miracles but boy did they deliver! So thanks to Bluehost, I still have my blog and all the posts.

To celebrate, I decided to change the outlook of my blog also a bit. :-) It is still just like the first day I set out to do this. I so enjoy the design phase as much as the writing.

 So why this long story? Well my friend, take a good look around. Do you see people, hobbies, or anything else you keep waiting to give your time to? Just tomorrow, maybe the time will be right. You will be less tired, less stressed, less busy…

DO NOT WAIT. Give your time.



Enjoy doing things, not just thinking “I will have time to do this later”.

Live. Truly live.

Make sure you are not just walking through these days halfheartedly.

 What do I wish for Xmas? Living this week and next and the next. Not just making the motions like a robot.”

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