It could be worse

IMG_0192How do you cope when times get tough? Sometimes, even though we are doing basically ok, the small things can pile up and just take us down. Other times, there really are big things like sickness or financial difficulties that seem to crush us. It can seem that we wish to travel the highway to the west and life seems bent on taking us east. 

I feel very blessed with my life but still… There are times when I am all about anxiety and stress, and all those things that drive my mind round and round in a Circle of worry. There are times when I wish I had an off switch stuck to my head. Something, anything, to stop that track playing the same things over and over. For example: as if I could resolve that work issue at home, in my bed, at night when I should really be sleeping. So at least for the smaller things, here are my tips of coming back from the Circle. 

For me the most important thing to do is to find something to fill my mind besides the thing worrying me. Reading works really well in my case. I love fantasy books since they are really truly make believe. Something so out there, that my mind stops, turns and dives into the pages. And the Circle is gone. Sometimes reading helps faster, other times I might have to change to a different book if the one I started does not interest me enough to overcome the stress.  

Another thing is movies. I especially like the disaster movies at times of stress. Of course, this only works as I have not been a part of a major disaster. Just this weekend to calm my mind we watched Independence Day once again. I mean really, it is a bit hard to worry about smaller things when you are watching the aliens taking over the world and disposing with all of us. Granted, time does take a toll on disaster movies as technology in moving making advances. The older ones run the risk of seeming a bit – well, silly. But silly is good, it works just as well as epic seriousness in the face of an alien invasion. Which if we are totally truthful actually is silly in itself… 

After I get the initial break into the thought process, then it is time for more, something to bring in a bigger sense of happiness and contentment: a nice dinner for example. It does not need to be anything expensive or rare, just something good – really good. Or it can be a moment with a loved one watching the fire cracle away, feeling relaxed. And little by little I start to realize that things could be worse. I see the blessings I have in my life. And also, there are no aliens in the sky tonight.

What do I wish for Xmas? Books and movies – my own personal off switch of sorts.”

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