Happy New Year 2013!

After hibernating away from the blog sphere for some time: Happy New Year!

I have come to admit that I just might be one of those people who really need to remind themselves to notice all the good around us. That was of course the reason for starting this blog in the first place and after testing silence for half a year – that is not for me.

So, my first New Year´s resolution this year is to keep on blogging. And since I am trying to really stick with my resolutions I take advice from the Happiness Project and set myself a more solid goal: minimum 2 posts per month.

My second is one that we do from time to time but follow-up last year really was not up to par: have our friends over for dinner more often. Really, twice in 6 months is just poor planning, don’t you agree? So, at least 4 times in 6 months sounds reasonable and attainable. Since I do not want to stress myself or our friends plus I want to be able to reach these goals. J

 My third one is one that I started already last year. To take better care of myself physically and mentally. This blog is working for the latter and my first push in years for some physical exercise is on-going also. A few years back my friend was telling how she really enjoyed going to the gym and I just could not picture myself there. And now I have booked gym time once a week and aim for 1-2 other exercise moments during the week also. And I keep a book – > this gives me a true view as to how I am doing. Cause let’s face it – by this time in my life I really have perfected the selective memory chip in my brains. Hah!

So three things. That should not be too hard – right? Right?

As for my happy thought to start off the New Year: definitely my family. New Year´s this year was way better since everyone was at home. I hope your start to the 2013 was also a happy one.

What do I wish for Xmas? To see my resolutions fulfilled. Wish the same for you, my friend.”


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