Happy thought for June ’12

Life in the summer is wonderful in so many ways. But for sure, food is a major joy and thus my happy thought for this June is one food specifically.

You might be surprised but this post is to sing the praise of: new potatoes.

 Every year we wait anxiously the arrival of these lovely little things. The skin is so thin that when you wash and scrub, the skin comes off. It is some work to wash a kettle full since they truly are really small especially early in the season. But even that plays to their special status. Something truly wonderful should take some effort, right?

 We cook them in just water adding some sea salt into it, cooking until the fork goes through with ease. Then they are ready. I cannot wait to get them to the table. I love my new potatoes with just some excellent butter. I cut the potatoes and add some butter on top of the piece. The butter melts on top of the piece while I savor the moment before tasting the beauty. The taste is pure heaven.

 Some people could not phantom theirs without herring but personally I have never learned to like herring so I just enjoy the new potatoes at their most basic:  add some barbequed stakes and you have yourself a feast. Yum.

 Normally we wait until the Finnish new potatoes are in season, which actually started this week. But since we had heard that the Swedish ones very pretty ok we opened our new potatoes season with the goodies from our neighbors. You might wonder what difference does this make? Well my friend, there is something special that comes into the taste this far up North. Just like with strawberries to my mouth the real taste is acquired growing where the season is quite short but intense.

 Some countries have asparagus – we have new potatoes. What does your country have as spring / early summer specialty?

 What do I wish for Xmas? Well, since I did wish for potatoes and brown gravy as a kid – why not ask for new potatoes with butter in December this year?”


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