I love Apple Blossoms

P1110307Every year I wait for the apple trees to don their beautiful gowns in May. I hope for a beautiful weather since that will allow me to enjoy the blossoms longer.

This year after a cold start to the spring we have enjoyed a warm week. And suddenly: They are here.


First only a hint of white starts to show between the new leaves. The, as the sun dances around the branches of the trees, the buds start to grow bigger. But still, they are withdrawn, wrapping their petals tight, as if questioning – can we really start blooming now?


And then, the day comes, when a keen eye catches the first flower peeking through the leaves. And before you know it, there are dozens more proudly spreading in the afternoon sun.


And I stand beside the tree totally lost in thought, just admiring the white gown she is wearing. Full open blossoms,  but still some buds remaining. And I remember again why I love apple trees. Not for the apples, no. But for the apple blossoms. For they are truly magical.


What do I wish for Xmas? Apple trees to every yard in the world.”

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