Let’s make Someday Today!

We were watching the movie Knight and Day last night with Mr. T. I find that movie entertaining since it goes so overboard with the story. Funny, sad at places and packed with action & a romance flick – definitely my kind of movie. But I had forgotten already how the movie ends. And this ending really got me thinking how often we do this – talk about doing things “someday”. What are the things you will do someday?

 Someday is the magical place where we will have time and money and strength to do all things small and big which we have ever thought about doing. Someday the weather will be exactly right for the picnic. Someday the kids will be exactly right age to travel with. Someday it is rainy enough to clean the attic. Someday it is time to relax and not just perform all the time.  Someday the mortgage is paid and we feel free.

 In the movie someday came when Cameron Dias’ character decided that today is someday for the main pair. And that is just it: someday will never come unless we take action to make it so. Granted, we cannot all just take off and travel to the end of the world. But let’s be honest, for most of use there are many smaller things also which are waiting for the perfect day to come.

 So, you might wonder, what are my someday issues? Well, today I tackled one of them. I had for years talked about going to an antiques shop in the countryside near our city. Year after year I kept talking about wanting to go – yes, you got it – someday. Today, I took my little red car on a trip to the countryside. The weather was just lovely, partly cloudy and partly sunny. Since the trees are just getting starting with their leaves I was able to admire the wonderful lake views on my way. I also found myself driving down a country road I had never seen before and was amazed how lovely spring was with the open fields dotted with farmhouses.

 At the antiques shop I was drawn to smaller things since frankly we do not have much room for anything more. I would have been quite happy to walk away without anything but this little stool caught my eye. I did eye also some old style irons but the stool seemed to call me. And when I checked underneath it, it said: Merry Xmas, 1938 and a name. I just could see a little boy giving this stool he made in school to his Mom as a Xmas present. And so we were connected. The little stool now is part of my collection of yesteryear things. It is so lovely.

 This trip gave me a thought. Maybe this summer I also will visit three other countryside establishments I have been going to visit someday.

And maybe someday I will write that book I keep on wanting to start someday…

 What do I wish for Xmas? Plenty of todays for all of us and a little less of somedays.”

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