Are you a dreamer?

This is an important question. Dreaming is so wonderful. I love to dream, it is as simple as that. This does not by the way mean that I am unhappy with my life today. I see dreaming as a way to virtually write a story, it opens me up for new possibilities since this is a totally mental exercise. I do not have to worry about possibilities. I can dream also things which at the moment seem quite impossible to bring into reality.

I dream both small and big.  One of my small dreams is to be an accomplished gardener (well, ok: with my skill level this is also a big dream J). Every spring I leaf through tons of gardening magazines and plant brochures. I oh and ah at different pictures, check out the prices, spend time gazing out of the window mentally picturing where I would plant these things. Although the confirmed truth is that I do not have the attention span to dig up something in the fall I just love the looks of dahlias. I did buy some one year (so I do take action on my dreams also!) but they did not make it. What I have found out is that rock garden (ready for hard life) plants love our “all day in the sun” backyard and truly do not expect me to water them daily. And every year I do buy some plants into pots, and each time I am able to keep them going over a month is a joyful moment for me.

A little bit bigger dreams have to do with for example traveling. My parents brought me up with trips to Greece. They would save all winter to take us down south several times and I found out the world is a bigger place than I could have imagined.  As a kid I dreamed of a year abroad and that dream came through in the end of 80’s. I still have a lovely American family I belong to as a result of that dream. Later in life I dreamt of taking our children to see the US and my family there. For years we talked about how lovely that would be and in 2009 we finally made that dream a reality. Now when Jr. had in history and geography America as a subject, he was able to relate on a whole different level. And of courese Ms. Teen is living her dream in Japan as I write.

When I want to go really over the board I dream of winning the lottery. Why on earth?  you might ask. Well, quite simply because I can! And since this dream allows me to think outrageous dreams which do not need to have any base in reality. Trust me, if you are having a negative day, when all seems to work against you: instead of turning sad, mad or down, start dreaming something really way out there. Something positive. And it does not change reality but it certainly will give you a moment of peace from it. You might wonder what my lottery dreams entail? Well, I have chosen Bora Bora as my “wow if I ever” place. I like the way that rolls off my tong as I say it. It even sounds fun. And when I combine that roll of the R’s with the image of a clear blue see, the kind you can see the bottom off even though it is plenty deep; white sandy beach with a palm tree hanging over me, getting a massage on the beach, having dinner at the seashore with candles all around me and my husband.. See, you are feeling it too, aren’t you. A summer house in the island of Mallorca with a private swimming pool does not sound too bad either, with my family and friends coming to visit. And then I just keep on building on those images until I feel a bit better.

As you can see from the beginning I am a firm believer in making dreams come true also. I am not saying that all the dreams are easy to actually realize and I know I am very fortunate that I have been able to travel etc. However, sometimes it just requires us to look at a particular dream really closely and ask: “What am I willing to do in order for this to come true.” It might mean asking for help or it might mean saving a long time. But once you do, it really is worth it – usually different than what you dreamt it would be like – but definitely worth the experience. And then all that is left is to find a new dream. Trust me – there always are things to dream about. What do you dream of?

 What do I wish for Xmas? For all of us to be able to dream small and big. And to be able to take action in bringing some of those dreams into reality. Since dreams, they are aplenty.”

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