Charity of the month

This November I renewed my subscription for a magazine supporting the handicapped. The organization is targeting young children and making sure they have enough support personnel when the kids with special needs go to school. That felt like a very good cause to keep supporting. How did you help this month?

 “What do I wish for Xmas? Enough helping hands for each and every kid who needs them.”

Happy thought for November

I have a confession to make. I really had a hard time going for my happy thought after a very difficult month. I have been working a lot and it has taken a toll on my state of happiness. But then I realized I better own this feeling and quite truthfully: my happy thought for November is that it is finally behind us.

And that got me thinking. Is that really it? How sad. Poor November. It is the month that stands before Xmas, so sort of the one we must get through to get to the good stuff. Right? And this year has given us a very warm and rainy November which is sort of nice – but not. The thing is: it is supposed to be dry and white and a winter wonderland. But it is windy, rainy, dark. So it is almost like November could not win this year!

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