Next week will mark the First Anniversary of this blog. Hard to believe a full year has passed since I took up this idea of keeping the Spirit of Xmas with me all year long by writing about things that make my day.

I did what I usually do, dove in with enthusiasm, reading blogs on how to build up a blog, retrieving pointers from the web like a golden retriever. I only had the wish to keep myself concentrated on finding happiness in my everyday life. How to turn that into a blog has been a learning process which will continue for years to come I hope.  

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Happy thought for August 2011

My happy thought for August is: our children.

Of course they are one of the basis of my happiness all year long but this thought was almost too obvious to make a post.  So I decided to bring it to the center of attention for this August.

We have been blessed with two wonderful kids, now going on teen. It seems only yesterday when they were running around the house and not reaching very high off the ground. This summer I have come to the realization that even Jr. is now my height; he is really looking forward to the day he will outgrow me. Hah! Like that would make him any less my baby, of course not.

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