Happy thought for July 2011

My happy thought for July is: charity gifts.

I wish we did not have problems in this world but since the world is not perfect yet, then I choose to view it as a possibility. We can all help to make the situation get a little bit better. And it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to participate either. Great if you can give a lot, great if you can give a little – every sent and penny helps.

Charity gifts are wonderful because starting from a very low amount of money you can help and give someone a wonderful gift at the same time. Also I like them since with a charity gift you can choose what the money goes for. Internet is a wonderful way to find out a charity you are ready to endorse. Many charities nowadays give you a choice: you can buy a product or send a non-product gift. I love the non-product gifts since let’s face it, there is a lot of stuff floating around in our house at least :-)

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Summer pleasures part 1

Simple summer pleasures is the theme this beginning of July. Due to allergies in the family I have not been able to dry the laundry outside until this week. Ah, the scent of fresh laundry when it has been drying out of doors.. The worlds big companies can spend all the money they wish on softener scenting but they will never beat the real deal. It is a combination of rays of sunshine with the soft mellow scent of the rose bushes and the grass. I spent the whole of the week working through a huge laundry pile but boy was it worth it! This did not feel a chore at all.

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