Happy Rainy Days

Last Saturday I woke up to very dark sky and little rain showers dotting the morning. Instead of being sorry, I was… well, happy. I got downstairs and Jr. was just taking it easy on the sofa. He turns to me, his face lighting with the fullest smile ever. “Isn’t it so great that today is a rainy day?” In that moment I felt I had done a good job as a mother.

 In this world going nuts with speed and people being in constant hurry the best thing I can teach my kids is to take it easy. And Jr. sure did, having a pajama day all day last Saturday. And boy was he content and happy just chilling.

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Happy thought for May 2011

Green.  That is my Happy Thought for this May.

 As a Xmas buff I love the Xmas green. It is dark and cozy and familiar and warm. It tells the story of Xmas trees, the Holly, evergreens bringing a wonderful addition to the Xmas feel. It is a mature, comforting color which I absolutely adore.

 But in the spring, I become so happy with the new green springing out in all the trees. This green is so light, joyful, happy, young. It is full of joy of life, bringing a spring into my steps. This baby green in the trees lasts only for a short while before it is replaced by the deeper, more mature green of the summer. I walk to work enjoying a lake view blanked by birches. When the sun is shining in the morning through the trees which are every so slightly green and bouncing on the lake… well, that just makes my day.

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Happy Vappu!

Happy Vappu! Or in more common term world wide: Happy May 1st!

Vappu is an important Finnish tradition since it is one of the few festivities where the whole nation is participating in more or less carnival style. Well, at least we are all decorating with streamers and balloons, people are partying and life just seems good. The dancing cannot be compared to any carnival with formal parades but hey: at least we are moving. :-)

Vappu festivities start on April 30th and continue on May 1st. The spring is here and we can hang our hair down and just soak in the joyful moment. If you go into any of the major cities you can see the Finns letting the spring seep into their behavior, producing a relaxed, fun if somewhat loud party spirit in the city centers. Although I have to admit that for many the beverages pay a key role in the festivities..

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